Industrial vpn routers


Remote-Access to, and Remote-Data from, your Remote-Machines

On-Demand, Secure, Remote Access

  • PLC remote access for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes – e.g. download PLC programs, access your HMI, back-up your configurations
  • Connect to your machine via multiple media - e.g. Ethernet network, WiFi or cellular (3G/4G)
  • Send triggered event/alarm notifications, direct from the machine.
  • Uses the award-winning, “Talk2M” industrial connectivity cloud, which is free to use.
  • Remotely access your devices through PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.


On-premises Data Monitoring

The Ewon Flexy is a powerful, multifaceted device:-

  • Data capture device: Flexy has the ability to communicate with from all mainstream PLC vendors.
  • Data-logger: Store 1 million values inside the Flexy and add an SD card for high-capacity storage capability.
  • Web-server: Create dashboard web-pages inside the Flexy, securely accessible from anywhere in the world, on virtually any device (machine status, trends, etc).
  • Alarm-handler: Triggering alarms from any tag data, with e-mail attachments (logged data, status snapshot data, event logs, etc).
  • Protocol Gateway: Provide connectivity with SCADA, MES, or ERP systems (OPC-UA).
  • IoT Gateway: Provide connectivity with SCADA, MES, or ERP systems (OPC-UA), as well as Industry 4.0 & IoT clouds (HTTPS. MQTT).


Data Collection for IoT Applications

The Ewon Flexy is the ideal ‘edge’ device, to feed data into Industry 4.0 & IoT clouds

  • Powerful scripting engine: To create custom –code to push Data to any Cloud.
  • IoT Gateway functions: Inbuilt IoT data protocols : HTTPS. MQTT.
  • IoT compatible: Can securely connect with Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, ThingWorx, Mindsphere, etc.


Find the industrial product that fits your needs for easy remote access and data services: LAN, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, etc.

Ewon Cosy+

Cosy+ is the new generation of Industrial
Remote Access: Easy & Secure as never seen before

Ewon Flexy

Industrial Devices and IIoT Gateways for Flexible Remote Access & Data Services

Talk2M Cloud

Discover a scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud



  • 12-24 VDC +/- 20%, LPS power supply
  • SD Card Reader
  • DIN-Rail Mountable

  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Operations temperature range: -25C° to +60C°
  • Solid plastic casing



Ewon Cosy+

The Ewon Cosy+ is an industrial VPN gateway, designed to offer easy remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field.

With the Ewon Cosy,+ Machine-Builders and System Integrators can troubleshoot machines remotely, without having to travel to site, thus dramatically reducing support costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Capitalizing on 20 years of experience, HMS Ewon Cosy+ is the latest evolution in remote access for Industrial Internet of Things, result of the implementation of the most advanced security technologies in its hardware devices, as well as in its leading cloud connectivity platform, Talk2M.



Start easily with Ewon Cosy Every aspect of our solution optimizes security while ensuring that setup doesn't require any advanced IT knowledge

Flexible Remote Access Along with our devices, our solution includes a desktop VPN client, mobile VPN client, and VPN Cloud-Service, all free of charge!

Flexible Connectivity Hard-wired Ethernet connection in your factory? Need WiFi connectivity? Installing in a remote site withonly cellular service? We have you covered.

Understand how it works…

TThe role of the Cosy+ is to establish a secure VPN connection between your machine and yourself, wherever you are and whenever you want. The connection happens through Talk2M, a highly secure cloud-based remote connectivity service dedicated to industrial solutions.

Thanks to Talk2M, engineers can remotely access to their PLC, HMI or other devices inside the machine, for maintenance or monitoring, for anywhere in the world and from any devices, even from a smartphone. Cosy+ allows to avoid unnecessary on-site visits, and therefore to save huge amounts of time and money while providing a major long term competitive advantage.


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Ewon Flexy

The Ewon Flexy is the first industrial modular M2M router and data gateway designed for OEMs and system integrators. The flexibility allows a user to link remote devices in an environment where communication technologies are constantly changing. It also allows universal communication with the most varied field equipment, regardless of the protocol used. The Flexy has all the features of the Cosy, plus a whole host of further advantages and benefits, based around data acquisition, handling and transmission.



Easy acquire and
log data

Create simple IIoT
project in minutes

Do more in the future with build in connectors and APIs

Gather data from PLCs, sensors and other devices thanks to the support of a wide range of industrial protocols, including OPC UA.

In a few clicks, enable alarm notifications or performance monitoring through cloud KPIs dashboards.

You might not have a data application today. But when the time comes, be confident in the fact that you can connect to a local or cloud data solution and make your machine smarter.



Understand how it works…

The Ewon Flexy focuses on machine builders who wants to stay competitive. That's why our machine builders are obsessed with optimizing every aspect of their operations. The combination of Flexy, our IIoT data gateway, and Talk2M, the first secure industrial cloud, enables our customers to connect to their machines and collect data from wherever they are deployed.


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Talk2M: Transparent and Secure Industrial Cloud

Free of charge and included with all devices

Pro features for our most demanding customers

We not only maintain but also constantly improve the levels of performance, service, and security of our connectivity cloud. Through this process, we publish our infrastructure availability publicly on our website. The Talk2M Cloud also adheres to high levels of security thanks to our ISO27001 certification

This solution is made possible through a joint effort between our routers and our cloud solution. As a result, all devices are provided with cloud connectivity, free of charge. You can add as many users and as many devices as you need while still enjoying the same quality of service. Most of our customers are satisfied with these services.

As your business grows and your management needs increase, we recommend that customers upgrade to a Talk2M Pro license. This additional level of service provides improved user management and a global Service Level Agreement. You also receive more traffic and data, additional concurrent connections, unlimited web portal connections, and the ability to view all your sites from our VPN client.

Talk2M: Trusted, Mature, and Reliable

Since 2006, the unique Talk2M service meets the expectations of Machine Builders, System Integrators and OEMs who want to access their machines remotely in an easy and secure way. Over the years, Talk2M has become more than a cloud for remote access to machines - it has developed into a fundamental link in the Industrial IoT value chain. Software teams also take advantage of the Talk2M platform to securely retrieve data from the field, developing applications which add value to the data. With well-defined operational services to manage accounts and devices, Talk2M is the best choice for your remote solution.

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Thames water

By installing eWON industrial-grade Ethernet routers – which provide secure, ADSL and GPRS-based remote control and diagnostics – Thames Water will be able to remotely monitor and control critical assets located at its water pumping stations and sewage treatment works across the UK.

read more >> 

Lapauw international

Several years ago, Lapauw International started looking for a different, more efficient solution. The result was eWON, a Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and supplier of intelligent solutions for PLC remote-access via the Internet.


Sims engineering

By installing Internet-based remote maintenance and diagnostics software on an industrial robot welding machine, Sims Engineering Ltd is now able to remotely monitor and control the machine using secure Broadband and 3G connections. 


Wifi Card
PSTN card
Coming soon
  • More and more WLAN (WiFi) access points are available in the industry. You can now equippped Flexy with the WiFi extension card.

    WLAN access points allow internet connectivity while avoiding connection on the factory/corporate LAN network. The eWON Flexy extension car provides a powerful backup internet access for industrial MM applications. WLAN technology offers free access, high brandwitdh, easy deployment (no cabling) and facilitates security network management.


  • Back up dial-up modem for your remote sites. More and more wired or wirelss broadband Internet technology is beign used to connect remote devices.

    They offer high bandwidth and high reliability, allowing easy remote maintenance, remote  monitoring or video diagnostics capabilities. Nevertheless, in some areas, landlines are preferred and a dial-up modem is then required. The dial-up connection can also be used as a fall-back in case of non-availability of the broadband connection.


  • more modules are going to be available soon.

2 Factor Authentication
Security Certificate
  • Sign-in to the Talk2M Cloud, using the eCatcher software implements both in-built password enforcement, plus two-factor authentication policy. At sign-in, a password is required and a confirmation code sent to your mobile phone, to provide enhanced device access security.

    The two factor authentication is a secure identification mechanism combining two different components for unambiguous authentication.  In other words: it adds an extra step to the login procedure. It is based on the principle that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access. It requires both "something you know" and "something you have": the combination of your credential and a security code texted on your phone.

  • Security Audit certificate: 

    The Talk2M cloud is built on a “defense-in-depth” strategy, which uses multiple security countermeasures across multiple layers of security controls. The purpose is to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information systems, and so of our customers data. It is based on numerous industry publications, guidelines, best practices, and established security standards.

    • Talk2M security environment is regularly tested to ensure a high security level to our platform, and so ensuring the strongest security posture to our customers.
    • admeritia GmbH has performed and completed penetration tests of the remote connectivity service Talk2M with targets of the cloud based infrastructure.
    • It included testing of all servers and services used on Talk2M: M2Web, eCatcher, VPN Servers, etc.
    • As a result, the STAR (Security Test Audit Report) certificate has been rewarded.

    View Certificate



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